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10 Reasons to Visit Manchester


What city has beautiful architecture, loads of culture, and plays host to perhaps the most renowned football club on earth?

What city has beautiful architecture, loads of culture, and plays host to perhaps the most renowned football club on earth? That’s right - Manchester! No matter who you are or what you are interested in, there’s something for you to enjoy in this amazing city.

There is more than a single popular district

With bright street art, small shops, and local bars with a lot of personality, the Northern Quarter is often regarded as the trendiest neighborhood in Manchester. However, it definitely isn’t the only one! Right by the Northern Quarter is Ancoats, home to a number of restaurants and cafes as well as great shopping options. Just a short distance away is the slightly wilder Chorlton, busy West Didsbury, and the food center Altrincham.

Manchester never sleeps

At night, Manchester takes on a different persona. If you enjoy nightlife, you’ll enjoy a night out in the city for a great party. Set course for the Northern Quarter if you want some good craft beer or a creative mixed drink in a local bar. If you want a slightly classier experience, opt for Spinningfields instead.

Your food options are endless

Grabbing a quick meal always turns into a culinary experience in Manchester. If you’re craving Indian, Thai, or Vietnamese, Manchester has got you covered. You don’t always have to dine in fancy restaurants - there are markets and other small food establishments that you can try if you want a more laid back vibe. Don’t forget to take a trip to Altrincham market to enjoy a memorable foodie experience.

The view is something to remember

Manchester isn’t just grey streets and rain - there are plenty of gorgeous landscape views to take in. From moors and coastlines to majestic woodlands, a short drive is all you need to take a pleasant hike and grace your eyes with the amazing view.

Northerners are friendly

The people of Manchester are affable, and most will be more than happy to lend you a hand or strike up a conversation. You’ll make friends, although you should probably avoid asking whether they are fans of United or City.

They are host to one of the most renowned football clubs

Even if you aren’t a Manchester United fan, it is clear that they are one of the most renowned football clubs on earth. Mancunians are well acquainted with this team being mentioned as soon as they say they hail from Manchester. The National Football Museum is currently located in Manchester - we highly recommend football aficionados to stop by.

Artistic culture in Manchester can be compared to London

You don’t need to hit up the capital for a dose of art. Manchester hosts quite a number of small, independent exhibits, showrooms, and other events. Besides that, Manchester also hosts Whitworth Gallery. This acclaimed hall includes pieces by prominent artists such as Andy warhol and Cornelia Parker.

Music lovers’ ears will be thankful

Whether you enjoy older tunes or more recent jams, there are a great many options for music enthusiasts. You can enjoy smaller, local venues, or magnificent halls (The Albert Hall, for instance) depending on your preference.

Manchester’s Christmas markets will get you into the mood

Manchester’s Christmas markets are as festive as ever. Despite the overpriced trinkets and hordes of people, there’s nothing better during the holiday season than a cup of mulled wine, with some holiday pastries and the people you love around you.

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